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Typically when a large data breach occurs, those possibly affected by it often have to jump through hoops to find out if their information was compromised.

A new initiative from popular web browser Firefox and password manager 1Password bring information about data breaches straight to the user, reports Engadget.

Both will be collaborating with the Have I Been Pwned database service, which is a collection of 3.1 billion compromised email addresses.

Mozilla is currently testing out a service called Firefox Monitor. Firefox users can input their email address and the service will run it by the HIBP database to see if the account was involved in a data breach.

“The site will offer recommendations on what to do in the case of a data breach, and how to help secure all accounts. We are also considering a service to notify people when new breaches include their personal data,” writes Firefox’s Peter Dolanjski.

The 1Password app’s security service Watchtower will also be enhanced by the HIBP database, allowing users to cross check their credentials against the database. 1Password emphasizes how they will keep your email addresses private during this process.

Unlike Firefox Monitor, users can start using the Watchtower feature right away. And if users have discovered they’ve been breached, they can use 1Password to create a new secure login.

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