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Architecting Data in the AWS Ecosystem [Slides + Video]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a juggernaut of a platform, and many of today’s database solutions can run on AWS, including MemSQL. Recently, we held a meetup at our office in San Francisco during AWS Summit 2018 to discuss how customers can benefit from using MemSQL within the AWS ecosystem.

In the talk, “Architecting Data in the AWS Ecosystem,” Seth Luersen from MemSQL took a look at the overall data landscape related to the purpose-built databases from Amazon Web Services. He illustrated how the shape, size, and computing needs for data-driven workloads dictate modern data architectures. The talk also shared how modern enterprises, that are architected for mixed workloads with MemSQL, can easily handle fast data ingest, manage high concurrency, and achieve sub-second query latency.

Together, MemSQL and AWS provide a compelling platform for building real-time applications. MemSQL can handle both database and data warehouse workloads to combine transactional and analytical requirements, which fits with the direction of new applications. AWS provides useful services such as S3, as well as the most comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service, to stand up powerful solutions.

The slides and video have been made available below.

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