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Benefit of using the “/Forward Slash” in Microsoft Teams

Have you leveraged the “/” function in @MicrosoftTeams? If you have not, don’t worry as our business analyst have created a tips ‘n tricks for the  “/” command that is going to make working in Teams a breeze.

Fast and efficient navigation for Teams

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Learn this shortcut to work fast but efficiently in the agile workplace. Being able to navigate through the application can enable users to get work done faster and spend less time clicking around.




What is the “/” command?

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The short cut that most people should use is the slash command. Using this “/” command in the search bar can help you for instant get all the latest updates of Teams by typing “/WhatsNew”. Send a message directly to a team member or group by typing “/chat”. It’s the shortcut you want to use to perform your fastest within Teams. The best part about this limitless short cut – it can be used across the Teams application since the search bar is always at the top.


Commands you should be using every day!

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The most command that should be used every day and personally some of my favorites are:


1. /Call

Call a direct phone line or team member.


2. /Files

See all recent files you worked on.

3. /Unread

See all your unread activity. The neat thing is this will also take you to your activity feed with the “unread” filter already enabled.


4. /Available

Set your status to available to let others know you are open to collaborate. Note: Teams doesn’t change your status when you have left the meeting early.


5. /GoTo

Go right to a team or channel to jump into collaboration.




Of course, there are plenty more commands that Microsoft Teams supports. The best way to know which commands works for you is by trying it out for yourself! Just to note, this feature is not available on the mobile app, but we hope to see if it can be transferred over.

To learn more: click here.

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