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Can’t mess with this: new Screen Cleaner in the Files app

BREAKING NEWS: Google just released a new feature within Files by Google that would give users the option to clean their smartphone screen. What will Google think of next?


Medha Goli, Resident Technology Advocate | Apr. 1, 19


Files helps millions of people around the world organize their media, share files offline, and free up space on their phones. And by making the most of limited storage, Files helps users keep their phones running like new.

However, we’ve heard that it’s a challenge to keep phones looking as clean on the outside as they are on the inside. Grease and fingerprints can stick to screens throughout the day, creating unsightly smudges and streaks.

Screen Cleaner is a new feature in the Files app that uses geometric dirt models, combined with haptic micromovement pulses, to dislodge what’s stuck to your screen. Screen Cleaner then generates a thin magnetic field around the surface of the phone, actively protecting against impurities—with a sweet scent to boot.

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