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How to Modernize Your SharePoint Online Home Page

Want to use the modern site for your SharePoint intranet? Before you make the mistake of deleting your current “classic site” and starts over, here is some information to help you modernize your intranet without starting over


By  | Sep 25, 2019

With all the buzz around modernizing your SharePoint Online sites, one thing has remained a little bit of a mystery: how to do it. Modern sites have not been available at the root of SharePoint Online until recently, which left everyone with a bit of a mix and match experience for what often acts as the central focus point for your whole organization.

The good news is Microsoft has finally provided multiple options to modernize your root site home page, so you can quickly and easily transition, no matter what scenario you currently have in place.

Updating Your SharePoint Root Site Home Page: 4 Scenarios

I suspect one of the first things you’ll look to do is delete your classic root site and try to create a modern one. This is NOT the answer. In fact, the Microsoft blog includes the following warning about modernizing your root site:

sharepoint warning

So … what should you do instead? Well, as with anything in Office 365 and SharePoint — it depends. There are different approaches depending on the current state of your SharePoint online environment.


Scenario 1: My SharePoint root site home page is already a modern communication site

Answer: Lucky you! If your tenant was created after April 2019, Microsoft had rolled out brand new tenants with a modern SharePoint site at the root. You can quit reading now as this blog won’t apply to you.

Scenario 2: You’ve been in SharePoint Online for a while, so you have intranet content that resides in the root site and you have deployed a “classic” home page

classic homepage

(COMING SOON — This feature was delayed based on early adopter feedback. We will update this blog when the feature becomes available. The roadmap estimates Q3/Sept 2019)

Answer: You can now create communication site pages at the root of a classic site collection by enabling a site feature. Currently, the root site can be converted only if the classic publishing feature was never turned on.


Source: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-workplace/how-to-modernize-your-sharepoint-online-home-page/


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