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Cyrnni Anthonni Ariate

Big Data Consultant
Seal Beach, Orange County, California

I appreciate the entrepreneurial culture at Sileo Tech, and look forward to developing my entrepreneurial spirit with great people!


Why Sileo Tech?

Sileo Tech posed a unique opportunity that allows me to develop my capabilities in the realm of big data and data science. I appreciate the entrepreneurial culture at Sileo Tech, and look forward to developing my entrepreneurial spirit with great people!

Sileo Tech offers flexible work arrangements. As a parent of young children, I’m very sensitive to work/life balance, which for me is more than just my kids’ sports and school events. It’s prepping their lunches, getting them to school, commuting to practice, and laundry… endless laundry. It’s all very challenging, especially with the dynamic traffic situation here in Los Angeles/Orange County. I appreciate how Sileo Tech recognizes the need to have balance by allowing a flexible work environment.

What are you passionate about?

Recently I’ve been fascinated by the growth of big data and data science. Much like computer science and the internet have changed the way businesses have operated over the last few decades, there will be an explosion of changes for all industries as they discover opportunities in their data.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about my family’s involvement in martial arts. We have been training in various disciplines for more than 10 years. Most recently we have transitioned our journey into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Instead of sitting at the dinner table most of our weekday evenings, you’ll find myself, wife, or daughter at the studio sparring!

Describe your work experience and/or educational background.

I initially started my career in technology, consulting for different industries. Then I spent a considerable part of my career in aerospace working in different functional areas such as a change manager, program manager, and consultant. After transitioning back into consulting, I most recently led multiple accounts and teams for the maintenance and development of enterprise functional systems (Finance, HR, Operations, etc.).

I had the opportunity to complete the M.B.A. and Systems Engineering masters’ programs at the University of Southern California (USC). I also received my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). I’m always learning, and I currently use various online platforms (e.g. Udemy, Lynda, and MIT.com) to continue building my knowledge and skills.