Eric Schrader

Partner, Cloud Solutions Architect
Los Angeles, California

"At Sileo Tech, I bring creativity and knowledge to each business challenge we face, and I always learn something new from my colleagues in the process."

Why Sileo Tech?

Sileo Technology Solutions is a technology consulting firm that began from a desire to be flexible and agile by using the latest cloud and software technologies for clients, without being tied down to one particular solution or technology. At Sileo Tech, we use these same solutions in our daily business to vet them and make sure they provide value. Then from experience, we can be assured that these solutions will work for our clients. IT is a field that is always changing, so it is critical to stay on top of the latest best practices.

SileoTech is primarily a group of friends who united for a common purpose — to help our clients solve problems. We each bring our unique skills to the table, creating a refined solution that other companies may have missed. There are no real “ranks” here, it’s more about how much you want to contribute that determines what challenges you will be pulled in to solve. When I drive or ride into work, I feel extremely lucky to work with such close friends every day.

What are you passionate about?

I enjoy the challenge of a rapidly changing technology field. The time I spend learning about the latest solutions and roadmaps can directly be applied the same day to a situation our clients face. It is very rewarding to be at the head of this leading technology. Then, on the weekends I enjoy quite the opposite, disconnecting and going into the California desert with family and friends, riding dirt bikes or just getting on my cruiser and riding on back country mountain roads without a particular destination and appreciating the journey. I have more recently taken up scuba diving along our beautiful Southern California coast and occasionally surfing.

Describe your work experience and/or educational background.

Growing up, I was more into video games than computers. That all changed in 2001 when my best friend introduced me to a popular computer video game where I began to organize my own teams online, creating my first websites and managing my own Windows and Linux servers. In 2007, while studying at the local junior college, I found an internship at a local tech startup. There I gained quite a few skills in programming, software architecture, business consulting and web design. I served as a Microsoft Partner Technical Pre-Sales Engineer (P-TSP) for 2 years as well.  After 9 years at that company, I left to pursue broader technical solutions outside of the Microsoft stack, such as AWS, Linux, and other open source solutions. I have presented at various tech conferences and have over a half-dozen Microsoft certifications to date.