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Frank Huybrechts

Project Manager
Los Angeles, California

This firm is small and nimble – and really understands how to work with any size client as collaborators.  And we have fun doing it!  What could be better than that?!


Why Sileo Tech?

Sileo Tech is a well-managed, technology consulting firm that values technical expertise, transparency, high quality, collaboration, and fun in everything that they do. The firm consistently applies these values at the client and employee levels. I enjoy the environment and the people with whom I am building relationships.

Most companies talk about teamwork, Sileo Tech walks teamwork! It is obvious in the tools that Sileo Tech uses (MS Teams and all of its capabilities), the level of communication (client/internal project, sales, prospecting, team updates); and the level of mentoring/coaching provided by all members of the team. In my experience, this is very refreshing and a great reason to be a part of Sileo Tech!

What are you passionate about?

Each client engagement is a combination of many factors, ranging from understanding the business need and what solution will best fit the need to delivering the solution as promised. What gets me up in the morning is working collaboratively with a client and the delivery team to achieve a solution which the client is excited to use. It’s always challenging, but equally rewarding when all of the parts come together in the end.

Looking back, I realize that life isn’t that complicated after all. I have a few passions, but they are all so tightly interrelated, that I don’t think it’s a coincidence. My family has grown to include grandchildren – and believe me – being a grandparent is the best! I’m very close to my extended family, including many friends who are truly family to me. My faith is a passion, and it has opened up opportunities to practice my musical skills. Although I never had the opportunity to drive a race car (maybe someday?), I love auto sports. Where else can you see technology applied at the highest level and amazingly skilled athletes who are willing to put their lives on the line to meet a goal? There is nothing better than the sounds and smells of 20-30 cars at speed on a road course!

Describe your work experience and educational background.

I “fell” into a career in software development. After graduating from a fine arts high school where I had the opportunity to play in orchestras at concert halls in many major cities, I switched to majoring in experimental psychology at Kalamazoo College. I spent much of my time studying behavior modification approaches working with rats. This study required data analysis and that led to a minor in computer science. I then completed graduate work in computer science at Michigan State University. This led to work at a Rand Corporation spin-off in Santa Monica and my career in software development firms.

I have had the opportunity to experience main-frame, mini-computer, desktop/laptop, tablets, and the current cloud computing environment. I’ve worked for a variety of companies including three different startups. Moving from direct development work to leadership roles, my focus has always been on working with clients to achieve their business goals, leading professional services, support and training groups, and custom software development groups to meet these needs.