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The 5 Best Ways to Clean Up Your Tech

It’s March, so many people are beginning their spring cleaning process. But while you freshen up your home, don’t forget to freshen up your technology.

To start, clean up your hard drive. To determine where all that space went, go to your computer’s storage settings and see what’s taking it up. Then delete any unused and unnecessary files. You can move some of the files you don’t need to access often to an external hard drive but remember that it might fill up just as quickly.

You’ll also want to clean up your email. The best way to reduce the amount of clutter in an inbox is to unsubscribe from promotional emails. You can do it manually or try a service like Unroll.me. Be warned, however, that Unroll.me and similar services are known to sell access to your data to other companies.

Cleaning up social media should also be a priority. If you’re a Facebook user, go to “settings” to check your social permissions to see where you’ve logged in using the site. Disconnect your Facebook account from them and any other apps and services you’re no longer using. You can do the same thing with Twitter.

Spring cleaning won’t be complete without giving your smartphone a boost by deleting some apps. It might be difficult, but whether you own an iPhone or an Android, you can go to storage settings on your device to determine what’s hogging the most space and which apps have been sitting unused for months.

And while you’re busy dusting and scrubbing, maybe take minute physically clean and disinfect your phone screen and laptop keyboard.

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