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The Future of Windows Could Be Passwordless

Microsoft released its latest Insider Preview update on Wednesday. While there are some exciting improvements to the system graphics, the company also unveiled some privacy and security changes.

For those using Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s extra secure version of Windows, they will have the option to ditch passwords. According to Microsoft, “passwords are inconvenient and insecure.” Instead, users will unlock the system through the Authenticator App installed on the user’s smartphone. With the app, users will have to set up “Windows Hello.” After that, users will no longer see entering a password as an option in the Windows interface.

If you don’t currently use Windows 10 S, there’s a chance that this password-less feature could be available to you in the near future, according to Engadget.

There are also Diagnostic Data improvements. Previously, Windows Insider Build 17083 installed a Diagnostic Data Viewer on PCs. Now, users have the option to delete any of the data that tool collected. Users should go to Settings, then to Privacy then to Diagnostics & feedback.

For those still relying on passwords for personal security, here are a few guidelines for making your passwords as strong as possible.

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