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Microsoft 365 empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to share and work together. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork where people collaborate, communicate, and streamline processes. Deep integration with SharePoint – as a content service – provides the ability to create sites to create and store content in document libraries, lists, pages and news.


In this episode, Chris and I chat with Benjamin Niaulin (Head of product at ShareGate and Microsoft MVP) and Tejas Mehta (Principal program manager on the SharePoint team at Microsoft) all about the deployment and value of SharePoint team sites with Microsoft Teams. We cover how people can get from classic to modern, broad scale adoption, and the importance of governance best practices.


(Images & recordings provided by Microsoft)

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Left to right clockwise: Benjamin Niaulin (Head of Product, ShareGate [guest]), Chris McNulty (Director, Microsoft [co-host]), Tejas Mehta (Principal program manager, Microsoft [guest]), and Mark Kashman (Senior product manager, Microsoft [co-host]). (Images provided by Microsoft)

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Left to right [The Intrazone co-hosts]: Chris McNulty, senior product manager (SharePoint, #ProjectCortex – Microsoft) and Mark Kashman, senior product manager (SharePoint – Microsoft). (Images provided by Microsoft)

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The Intrazone, a show about the Microsoft 365 intelligent intranet (aka.ms/TheIntrazone) (Images provided by Microsoft)

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